Borderhaime Chronicles

In this hardcore adventure you will be tasked with completing 10 levels of a hellish dungeon. Under your control is a character with 9 types of stats, that have a huge impact on your gameplay and walkthrough style. It doesn’t matter what character class you choose – you will always have an option to respec your hero. For example, you can start off playing as a mage, but spec it into a tank, or vise versa. By defeating enemies you will receive experience and loot that will allow you to level up and create your unique hero.

You will also be able to increase your stats by equipping armor, accessories, and weapons. In order for the hero to be able to use an item his stats will need to pass the use requirement threshold. New items are available for purchase in town or can be looted from monsters. Main goal of the story mode is to reach to final level of the dungeon. Each level hold a quest mission, new items, and tougher enemies.


All enemies in the game are automated, their behavior, tactics, and stats are described monster cards. Enemy actions are to be done by the player that has drawn the monster card.

During your playthrough you will encounter horrendous monsters and bosses that will challenge you with their tactical and strategic options.

Kickstarter photo session in progress
Kickstarter photo session in progress

Hi! My name is Tsuchitana, I’m the Game Director of Borderhaime Chronicles and I want to introduce the game that we’ve been working on for the past 2 years.

Since early childhood I’ve been a huge fan of video games, especially RPGs (the original Diablo will forever be dear to my heart). Almost 10 years ago I discovered the 4th edition of D&D and I completely fell in love with tabletop games. That’s when the idea of creating my own tabletop game came to life.

Juggling my day job I started to work on Borderhaime in my spare time, aiming to create a game that would encompass everything that I loved in video and tabletop games in a single box. After about 6 months I had completed designing the game on paper and started to build an early prototype out of a shoe box and improvised materials (we’ll try to post a few pics of it in our updates). I let a couple of close friends try out the game and they absolutely loved it. At that stage I realized that this could be more than a fun side-project and invited a few close friends to help out.

After a few more months of work I made a crazy decision — to quit my job and focus on bringing this project to life. Once we secured the help of our friends in the US we began preparations for launching Borderhaime on Kickstarter. After 24 months of hard work and sleepless nights, dozens of focus groups and playtests, we’ve finally printed a prototype of the game that in our opinion brings something new to the table for every tabletop game fan. Please, let us share our dream with you!

We started development of Borderhaime in 2016 part time. We’ve been full time, living off our savings, since January 2018. For our 12 member team we’ve come pretty far and are about 85% of the way in development and have printed a working prototype. While we’ve come a long way, there’s still a lot of work left to do and we need funding to start mass production. In order for us to continue development and keep creative control we need to ask for your help.

After completing the early game prototype and seeing the amount of non-duplicate content that it includes, we’ve decided to apply for a Guinness World Record in the category board game with the most content without reiteration.

Application Reference: 180822110332bgwt

Borderhaime will launch with 3 bosses. At the initial budget of $120k, we’ll release the version 1.0 of the game. Following release we will begin work on version 1.5 that will include more bosses and an expanded storyline. This combined with intense turn-based action combat and non-linear game play will give players a great experience at a fair value.

Further stretch goals allow us to expand scope. We can add more miniatures, tokens, and more bosses. Stretch goal bosses will be free to all backers that back at the $100 amount or more.

Here’s a look at everything included in the box:


The ancient continent Borderheim has existed for thousands of years. It was majestic and unbreakable. The great capital of Borderheim is located on the banks of a huge river. Narrow, dirty streets, eternal darkness, and tall stone buildings fill the city. Most of the capital is occupied by commerce chambers because the location of the city was accommodating for trade. Therefore, here you can meet people from different parts of the continent.

During many centuries was filled with bloodshed and suffering, the inhabitants of the continent regularly asked the Highest Forces for help. In desperation and hope, they were shaking from fear of demons and bowed before the gods. The Dark Lord was the strongest of the gods and patron of all the demons. Many people sold him their souls for life immortality. Most dark guilds acted on its behalf. One of them was the oldest generation of dark magicians Verigo. Throughout its history, the Verigo family served the Dark Lord and once in this family was born a baby, it was a girl. She was named Genhelia Verigo.

The baby grew up surrounded by the forces of darkness and evil, from childhood she was accustomed to cruelty and dark magic. Genhelia was a very gifted child, she studied easily, and she demonstrated unprecedented success in magic and sorcery. However, at the age of 15, the girl started to resist her mother and father and refused to learn dark knowledge. And when Genhelia turned 20 she ran away from home and settled in the small town of Branville. Her knowledge and abilities quickly brought her prominence and glory among people. She became a doctor and a healer. Once people brought to Genhelia a young guy named Amel. He could not walk and he was blind. But the witch agreed to help him. Three difficult years she did not depart from Amel, treated him, looked after him, talked to him long evenings. In early spring of the fourth year, a miracle happened. Amel began to walk and see. The joy of them both knew no bounds. Amel was amazed by the beauty of Genhelia and her kind heart. He proposed to her and the girl agreed. The wedding was scheduled for the Month of the gold leaf, the favorite month of Genhelia.

On the day of the Summer Solstice, Amel, being in a healthy body, could not resist the temptation of a young dancer with whom he met during the celebration, in the Central Square. When Amel returned with the dancers to the square, they met Genhelia and she immediately understood what had happened between them. Her pain was overwhelming, and the heart was torn by the despair, she felt as the pain filled every cell of her body. At that moment, all the dark forces that Genhelia had suppressed, woke up. She felt the strength and power of dark knowledge. With a flick of her wrist, she turned Amel and the girl in the bloody dust that sprinkled all the people in the square. The whole town tried to manage Genhelia, but it was vain. Everyone who has tried to harm her was destroyed in the blink of an eye. Having left her home and her previous life she went to the dead forest.


Since then no one has seen Genhelia. During 322 years she lived as a recluse, invaded the destiny of peoples through plague, leprosy, and famine. During her whole life, she was trying to avoid the fate of death – Genhelia was looking for a way to become the Duchess of the Dark World. Through the long practices, she created a ritual, but it lacked only one thing – Tenebris bowl, which remained in Branville in the basement of her old house.

In the night she secretly returned to Brenville. Having invoked dope in the city and its residents, she quietly reached her house. She made his way to the basement and found what she had been looking for. The ritual with Tenebris bowl opened for Genhelia a portal to the Dark Realm. The Dark Lord himself appeared and held out his hand to her and with every moment, getting closer to the portal, the bony, feeble old woman turned to the young Grand Duchess of Darkness. In a moment the DarkKingdom swallowed them up.

The next day groans and cries were heard from the abandoned house. They made the blood freeze. The residents were so frightened that most of them left town and the remaining people closed themselves in houses and cellars, waiting for inevitable death. At that time in the capital city the Mages Guild and wizards in cooperation with the Ministry of military culture, called for the best warriors and mages of the continent to understand what was happening in Branville. And if they needed to, to take up arms in an unequal battle against with the forces of evil.